Torak is half North American and half European and has the most striking features from both parents. Torak is a magnificent wolf, tall and proud with long legs and a handsome, masculine head. He has inherited the colouring of his European wolf ancestry, golden browns and hues of soft taupe. He covers the ground effortlessly in a long, loping stride and would always beat his former partner, Mosi, in any race around the enclosure. During breeding season his deep mournful sounding howl is often heard.

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Fact file

C. l. lupus x C. l. occidentalis, European / Northwestern wolf cross

Born late April 2006 at the Anglian Wolf Society

Siblings: Aiyana (F), Kaya (F) - deceased

Cheza Cheza (M)
(b 2001 Wildwood)
Sefka Sefka (F)
(b 2003 Dartmoor)

Torak through the years

Mosi in 2006
Mosi in 2008
Mosi in 2012