Sikko is the only female in the pack and is smaller than her brothers. She has delicate features and a softness to her face. She may not have her brother’s strength, but she can cleverly outwit them by being submissive when the occasion demands and she is well able to take care of herself as the two males know to their cost!

Being small has its advantages and she can weave and dodge when playing so that Massak and Pukak have a job to catch her. She is clever enough to know that Massak will protect her so can be quite mischievous towards Pukak at times.

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Fact file

Canis lupus arctos, Arctic wolf

Born 8th March 2011 at Parc Safari

Siblings: Pukak (M), Massak (M)

Sikko through the years

Sikko in 2011
Sikko in 2012
Sikko in 2014