Mai is a Canadian wolf and her ancestors came from the Mackenzie River watershed area. Her name means "Coyote" in the Navajo language.

Mosi and Mai were bought up with Torak. When they were four years old Mosi came into season early and her hormones impelled her to drive Mai from the pack; she then took her place as the dominant female. Mai now lives with Motomo, an unsocialised wolf who came from Coombe Martin in Devon. Her confidence has greatly increased since gaining Motomo as her mate and subsequently giving birth to cubs Nuka, Tala and Tundra in May 2011.

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Fact file

Canis lupus occidentalis, Northwestern wolf

Born 27th April 2006 at Dartmoor Wildlife Park

Siblings: Mosi (F) - deceased,, Mika (F) - deceased, 2 unnamed pups - deceased

Zac Zac (M)
(b 1991 Dartmoor)
Lizzie Lizzie (F)
(b 1997 Howletts)

Mai through the years

Mai in 2006
Mai in 2007
Mai in 2010